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Children's Play Space

Play Spaces

RDesign creative spaces was born out of a desire to step outside our comfort zone and make something fun, creative and of a quality that speaks for itself.

We have been running a very successful Carpentry and Joinery business since 2012, but as we have grown so has our desire to bring our current and future customers something new and different.

We have an extremely experienced team of carpenters who have worked on a multitude of projects from multi million pound construction sites, to people’s homes and businesses, making their ideas come alive. As such we are in the perfect position to use this knowledge and expertise and make some truly inspired “creative spaces”.

As parent’s ourselves our first thought was, what do kids like? So we asked them. Treehouses, playhouses, dens and hobbit holes was the reply, so we made one! We called it “The Pod”. Fully waterproof, insulated, made from durable cedar and complete with steps up and a white picket fence. Who better to road test this but our very own 6yr old. Needless to say, he immediately wanted to keep it, as he could play endless hours of Lego in there and it would make him very popular with his friends!!

The Pod can be made to measure, so whatever age your children are, we can accommodate, maybe you would like to get in and play too.

Please see below for specifications. The Pod shown in the images below is for sale, for any enquiries please contact:

The craft items shown in the photos below were handmade by Draper & Gray. If you wish to browse their products please visit their website at 


  • Cedar shingle roof
  • Cedar cladding to front and rear
  • Fully insulated and watertight
  • Hardwood decking
  • Fencing and steps not included in price. (Can be supplied separately)
  • 6ft Long x 5ft Wide x 4ft High